Ethiopia's staple grain is called teff, and from its flour the Ethiopians fashion a large pancake-like bread called injera that they place directly on the dining table. Other dishes that make up the meal are portioned onto the injera and diners eat by scooping these portions into rolled-up pieces of the injera that they have torn off.

Thick stews called wats are the most popular dishes and can be made from meat, vegetables, or beans. Stews is enlivened with the spicy mitin shiro, a flavorful combination of ground beans, spices, and chilies used to season many foods.

The last course of a meal is often kitfo, freshly ground raw beef.

Ethiopians brew a barley beer called tella and a honey wine called ej. Small fried cookies known as dabo kolo are a favorite snack

How a Dinner is Served in Ethiopia

Doro Alicha - mild Ethiopian chicken dish

Doro Wat - A spicy Ethiopian chicken dish

Tibs Wet - A very spicy (and fatty!) meat dish from Ethiopia

Injera - A very simple recipe for injera, the pancake-spongy bread that accompanies Ethiopian food.

Yekik Alich'a - An Ethiopian split pea dish, with a mild sauce.

Spiced butter A recipe for clarified, herbed butter, a basic ingredient in Ethiopian cuisine

Berbere A red-pepper based spice mixture, used in Ethiopian dishes

Ethiopian lentils

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